A new era of

rogue-lite action platformers!

Demilord is an upcoming rogue-lite action platformer focused on deep, combo-based combat with threatening enemies, varied builds, fluid movement, and calculated gameplay.

Play as Eclo! You are a half-deity known as a Demilord with access to a legendary relic that allows you to conjure weapons that you've seen.

Half deity

Half mortal

All Powerful!

On a diplomatic trip to the kingdom of Scylia, an assassin made an attempt on your life. Now you must use your abilities to discover the identity of your unknown assailant.

Something seems to be off though... you can't die! Each death revives you with more and more confusion. To add onto that, there's an odd voice in your mind that seems to be getting louder and louder...

An Enchanting Ensemble

of Characters!

On your journey, meet a colorful cast of intriguing characters, each with their own goals, motivations, and relationships. With each revival, the characters get more familiar and less mysterious.

Learn about their stories, immerse yourself in their worlds, and if you pay attention, you may learn something useful to help you along your adventures!

Each fight could

be your last!

In Demilord, each fight is menacing, and each enemy is a menace. No more running up to a crowd of enemies and mashing the attack key until everything dies...

Whether it's fireballs, spears, runes, enchanted artifacts, or interdimensional, reality-warping constructions of ancient times, each enemy is sure to enthrall and entice with a motley slew of attacks and defenses!

A bountiful trove

of treasures!

You may come across many relics and consumables that could help you out! These could be artifacts of unimaginable power or someone's old abandonded tools.

Each run results in a different set of powers. Special events yield powerful rewards. Gain allies during and between runs to help you eventually overcome overwhelming odds!

Weave and flow

through marvelous environments

Significant efforts are put into movement and navigation to ensure that there is not a single dull moment. Between fights, feel the fluidity and fun in each step, jump, and dash.

Travel through the bustling Deadwoods, filled with the everlasting souls of the damned. Journey through intricated crystal mines and factories. Experience the arid heat and frigid cold, and return to your home kingdom to stop a war that would reduce all existing life to dust.